Thank you for celebrating with us. We raised close to $2500 for 2 cancer charities!


Do you really sell out of beef patties?

Yes, we do sometimes.

We are proud of the products we serve.

All beef patties that we serve are guaranteed to have been made fresh and served within a 24 hour period. 

We try and predict how many beef burgers will be sold daily to make sure that all burgers consumed are exactly what we want to serve. 

At no point will we ever pre make and freeze patties. We do not compromise the quality of any of our product so therefore we do not want to over produce and risk high wastage. 

Are you a franchise?


We live locally and created our own brand with a simple vision - provide Cessnock with quality food, specialty coffee and great  service.

We wanted to create a brand that we can be proud of.

What is the BF sauce?

It's our secret  Burgerfiend sauce, a pickle relish based sauce created by our talented chef, and kitchen wizard, Andrea.

Is my burger raw?


Our patties are cooked medium to medium/well to achieve optimum flavour.  They can sometimes come out 'pink' which some people may think is raw.

Because they are made from fresh beef, they share the same characteristics as fresh steak and form a crust when grilled.

If you prefer to have your beef well done, you need to let us know when ordering. However, please note that over cooking beef may result in a dry texture and loss of flavour.

Do you have Gluten Free and/or Vegan friendly substitutes?


We have Gluten Free options available. However there is a VERY HIGH risk of cross contamination. All ingredients are handled, cooked and assembled directly next to each other.

Our beef patties are gluten free and our fried chicken can be coated in cornflour instead of the regular flour coating we use.

All of our sauces are gluten free EXCEPT for our home made special BF sauce.


At this stage, we do not have any vegan burger options. The buns we have available have dairy and/or egg products.

The slow cooked mushroom we have could be cooked without the buttermilk but would have to serve it as a naked burger with no bun.

We will be looking at vegan friendly products to try and add them to our menu but at this stage, we have limited storage and cooking space which will make it very difficult. 

What you see is what you get

All coffees and food posted in our sites were made by us. 

Literally what you see is what you will be receiving when you dine with us.