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The Burgerfiend Brand

A small local family business created by Marlene & Matthew, a husband and wife team with a simple vision - 

To produce quality food, specialty coffee and great service.

We believe that fresh produce is the only way and source our fresh ingredients locally where possible.

Our Beef Patties

Made from 100% pure Australian beef. We mince our own blend of whole muscle beef cuts in house daily. Each one hand formed with delicate care.

We are at a position to cook our patties medium because they are made from fresh whole cuts of beef that we cut ourselves everyday. So essentially, we are serving our customers fresh steaks in the form of beef patties.

All patties consumed by our customers are guaranteed to be fresh.

We do not freeze any of our protein.

Our Chicken

We only source free range chicken. 

Our cooking method ensures juicy fried chicken every time.

Our Specialty Coffee

We teamed up with Suspension Espresso to ensure that we use ethically sourced beans, locally roasted with skill and consistency.

Our current choice of blend is full bodied, has a rich dark crema and notes of rich cocoa. Perfect start to your day if you like bold coffees!

There is nothing worse than starting your day with a poorly made coffee. Our star Barista, Matt, will look after your coffee needs.

Feel free to bring your own cup, in fact, we encourage it!

For the soy drinkers out there, we only use Bonsoy. 

Who we are

A lot of people think that we are a franchise. In fact, we are a husband and wife team - a local family business.

Between the two of us, we have over 30 years experience in hospitality ranging from fast food, kitchen hand, waiting, fine dining and other bits in between.

Our love and respect for food paired with our extensive hospitality experience has driven us to create Burgerfiend in Cessnock. A fresher take away alternative. We aim to serve not only quality food in Hunter Valley but also the best coffee in Cessnock and the best coffee in Hunter Valley

Why do we make limited beef patties?

Our whole team believes that fresh is best.

Our burgers are made to order from fresh local ingredients using high quality products.

To ensure quality and freshness, our beef patties are made daily. This is why we have a daily limit - to make sure that each product consumed are fresh.